How important is having ‘creative’ thinking people to your business?

“….but its easy for you to think like that, you’ve got a creative mind!”

So one of my leadership clients remarked to me the other day… and this got me thinking!

Innately my brain pings from here to here, searching for connections and opportunity…to the frustration of my business partner occasionally…but I love it! My brain becomes alive, my problem solving skills sharp, and my ability to build and grow ideas fluid.

Often when I am working with leaders, we talk about how they can connect their ‘maps’ to create the future they aspire to and dream of. They love it! They usually start jamming with me around ideas on how I can “wake up” the minds of their teams to think differently and become more highly engaged in the business, and more importantly the keeping the business ideas flowing and fresh.

What importance do you place on the “creative” thinking in your businesses? What views do you have on this subject? I’d love to hear your views…it keeps my ‘creative mind’ going!!

Written by Ali Curruthers Senior Consultant at VA Consultants and Director of Organisational Development & Change at Purple Pebble People Ltd.

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