Colin Campbell-Austin

Colin started his career as First Class Worldwide Cabin Crew for British Airways at Heathrow. It was recognised by the management team that Colin had the ability to read, understand and quickly get to the crux of what people wanted and needed, to bring the best out in them. He was encouraged to apply for the role of Cabin Crew Manager. He successfully managed a team of up to 450 Cabin Crew Gatwick based crew. The team went from being one of the worst performing to one of the best 18 months. Colin started his media career at Channel 4 where by the time he left, first time round, was overseeing and setting the strategy for the award winning 4Talent, which focused on inspiring and providing opportunities for diverse young people to work in the media industry. He then moved to the Telegraph Media Group as Head of Talent, Resourcing and People Development. This is where Colin learnt that diversity and inclusion runs through all of these areas as part of the day to day not standalone. Colin moved back to Channel 4 as the Head of 4Inclusion. Underpinning Colin’s belief that inclusion is the key to true diversity of a happy workforce.

He cares about people having the opportunities to develop themselves so their talent can shine. Reading people comes naturally to Colin; unlocking people’s potential regardless of background or culture, is part of his DNA.

“I don’t care about people’s background, up-bringing or qualifications. I care about people having an opportunity. Talent comes in all shapes and sizes; it’s not just about being young, it’s ageless. Passion, enthusiasm, hard work and life experiences are what make talented people. This mixed with people working for a company or brand they admire and love creates inclusion. Diversity naturally follows”


Colin is also the Board Director of People, Diversity and Inclusion for Pride in London, also Chair of the Board of Trustees for the charity Anti Racist Cumrbia.

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