The Development of Purpose for Leadership and Sustainable Wellbeing

Written by Sian Modine, Leadership for Sustainability

The development of purpose is central to wellbeing, leadership and sustainability. Individuals and organizations with a clear purpose are more likely to act in ways that are consistent and authentic. Those that lack a sense of purpose are likely to be unnecessarily influenced by external factors and ‘blown off course’. The development of individual and organizational purposes that contribute to a sustainable world are, therefore, crucial.

“Can purpose be developed?” – I believe it can. At least I believe that it’s possible to help people discover or reconnect with their sense of purpose. In general there are three categories of leader – those with a clear purpose to contribute to a sustainable world, those with an alternative purpose (e.g. to make money), and those who are yet to connect to their purpose.

Leadership development interventions, therefore, need to be multi-targeted in their approach. We need to work with those leaders in the first category to help them be the most effective they can be. We also need to provide immersive learning experiences for the others to help them reconnect with themselves, with others and with the natural world in order to develop purposes aligned with what the world really needs.

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