Our Approach

We focus on doing the right thing right

VA’s proposition enables organisations to achieve great performance and value creation through a focus on leadership, teams and strategic organisational development. We design and deliver systemic solutions to organisational, individual and team issues that incorporate leadership and team development and are expert and fluent in working with organisations at the ‘whole system’ level.

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VA Approach

We recognise that organisational systems are made up of Individuals – each with their own framework of values, beliefs, capabilities and behaviours; Teams – a collection of individuals who collectively strive to deliver outcomes and; the Organisation – the entity that teams and individuals contribute to.

VA works at the intersection between seniority, complexity and the individual, team and organisational system to develop aligned and powerful teams; coach executives and deliver high potential leadership programmes across a range of populations. VA aims to support organisations by aligning business, people and performance strategies to develop a leadership culture that thrives in and performs sustainably in today’s VUCA world

Our Values


  • We will do what we say we will
  • We believe in doing the right thing, doing it well and doing it with expertise


  • We believe that getting it right for the customer is in listening hard and asking good questions
  • We will be direct and honest with our clients and expect the same in return


  • Everything we deliver is driven by the needs of the customer
  • We will always seek success for our clients, the individuals we work with and ourselves


  • We believe sustainable business performance is underpinned by investment in human capital
  • We choose to work with people with A-player skills, capabilities and character

Abundance and Generosity

  • Abundance and generosity underpin how we think and behave
  • VA is built on real, great quality relationships