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Since January 2017 VA Consultants have been engaged in a team effectiveness process with the Executive Team of Highways England. This is part of a wider transformation process as the organisation transitions from being part of the civil service to a government-owned company that has greater autonomy for its budget and performance.

The organisation is focused on the three imperatives of Safety, Delivery and Customer. Concurrently it is bringing to life a new values framework that is beginning to shape a new culture focused on increased levels of individual and collective performance. It is embedding a new attitude and practice relating to high performance through a Management Development Programme that is being rolled out to the entire management population of 1350 colleagues.

Employees within the organisation are experiencing a high degree of turbulence, change and individual performance pressure. Personal resilience and wellbeing is currently a significant topic within the organisation, and an area of focus for leaders.

The members of the Executive Team are pivotal in exemplifying and role-modelling new leadership behaviour including effective, aligned and cohesive relationships as a key enabler of improved business performance. The ongoing team effectiveness process is helping the team to clarify its vision and purpose, and supporting team members in bringing to life the new values and vision of the organisation through role modelling authentic behaviours and making them ‘cultural norms’.

The development process is focused on Vertical Development and consists of Organisation Analysis using 1:1 interviews and survey tools, team effectiveness workshops, observations of team meetings, consulting sessions with the CEO and HRD, 1:1 coaching and facilitation at team meetings.

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