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EPC-UK provide a range of specialist services within the quarrying and blasting industry. The industry’s age demographic is one of older, skilled workers coming up to retirement age in the next decade, leaving a shortage of strengths and skill sets which is having an effect within the business. VA Consultants have been working with EPC-UK since 2016 to deliver a Management Development Programme as a significant part of the organisation’s talent management strategy. This is intended to address this industry concern and illustrates EPC-UK’s focus on developing the skills needed within the business for future growth and success.

The MDP is a comprehensive, tailored and holistic development process intended to create a stronger alignment between leadership and management activities and business performance. Delivered over a 14-month period, the process consists of a 360-coaching 1:1 launch session, 7 residential modules, each with a focus on specific aspects of leadership and management and incorporating inputs from subject-matter experts from within EPC-UK.

The programme has targeted 3 management populations (aspiring managers, supervisors and middle managers) and carries a CMI accreditation on successful completion of assignments through a partnership with the Professional Academy. While the overall structure of the development process has been consistent between populations, the focus at each level has been targeted based on the development need, experience and strategic focus. 

Leadership topics have been focused on self and social awareness, leadership styles, leadership dialogue, leading change, influencing, personal presence and leading in the business. Management topics have been delivered by senior managers from the business and included management systems, risk and governance, quality management, strategy, equality and diversity, health and safety, grievance and disciplinary procedures and financial acumen. This has generated an additional benefit in that it provides exposure of both populations, giving visibility to senior leaders and sight of the talent in the pipeline. 

The MDP has been well received by senior stakeholders and is perceived to be adding great value to the business. Some 50% of the MDP alumnus have received a promotion or undertaken a secondment. Graduates are gaining exposure to a broader portfolio of experience and challenges and constitute a more informed talent management pipeline with greater mobility and flexibility within the workforce. In addition, the business has enjoyed increased operational efficiency, effectiveness and improved staff engagement.

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