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Since June 2016 VA Consultants have been engaged in a team development process with the Executive and Senior Management Team of Origami Energy, an ambitious new technology company with a vision to create the real-time marketplace for a distributed energy world. It aims to develop and increase the utilisation of the technological and financial mechanisms that are required to connect, control and actively manage a large network of existing energy generating, using and storing assets connected to the electricity grid. The company is funded by venture capital and is in transition to beginning revenue generation.

The ongoing development process is focused on building effective relationships within and between both teams that underpin the shaping of a clear vision and strategy for the organisation by the Executive Team that can be brought to life by the Senior Management Team.

This is being delivered through a series of 1-day workshops that have a focus on self and social awareness, leadership, quality dialogue and sharing feedback in parallel with facilitated business discussions.

The workshops have changed the way the teams interact, with a greater focus on effective team process, and greater consideration for the needs of others. The development process has encouraged members of the management population to communicate and operate more effectively across functional and hierarchical boundaries, and is putting in place the foundations for future business success.

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