Alia Taub

Alia Taub is a business transformation specialist

She prepares companies and their leaders for investment, sale or merger. A seasoned entrepreneur herself, Alia advises on strategic commercial planning, organisational restructuring and management leadership training that encourages enhanced productivity and corporate renewal.

Alia has founded management and leadership training companies, and has mentored more than 2000 business leaders to university degree level leadership and management qualifications. She plays a pivitol role in not only investing in companies but also being an integral part of their strategic vision.

This has given her uniquely broad expertise in helping companies from multiple industries. These include financial services, aviation, public sector organisations, outsourcing/offshoring, property development and maintenance.

Alia works alongside board members and middle management to develop lean / agile management processes as well foster wide-ranging cultural change in order to ready businesses for scale and their owners for exit.

Alia is a Chartered Professional Manager, Fellow Member of Chartered Member Institute, and Fellow Member of Institute of Leadership Management. She has an MSc in Mental Health; Master Level qualifications in Strategic Management and Leadership and Executive Coaching and Mentoring; a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management – and is a certified trainer with the Higher Education Institute.

She also holds a PHD Diploma in Strategic Leadership.

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