Fleur Vet

Fleur Vet is a seasoned professional in the fields of organizational development, cultural change, and personal growth, with a thriving career that began in 2010 when she embarked on her journey in this domain. In 2015, she took the entrepreneurial path and established her own business.

With a Master of Arts in cultural behavior change and a background in psychology and neuro-science, Fleur has honed her expertise over the past thirteen years, delivering impactful change and growth initiatives for prominent organizations in the sector of energy, banking, retail, Dutch government ( Eneco, Nike, ING, APG, and De Baak.)

Throughout her career, Fleur has embraced the philosophy that personal development, change, and growth often come with slowing down, first looking inward before being able to connect with others. She has learned that there is no quick fix, and true transformation often lies in the smallest things. Understanding the significance of increasing awareness and taking that essential first step, she encourages others on their developmental journeys.

Fleur‘s approach to professional and personal development requires embracing vulnerability, courage, experimentation, and reflection. Her dedication to fostering trust and effective collaboration in leadership and teams makes her a trusted resource on topics such as trust-building, psychological safety, dialogue skills, teamwork, (informal) leadership, and personal impact.

Based in Amsterdam, Fleur finds joy in the company of her partner, son, and beloved dog. Beyond her professional pursuits, she indulges in sports like kite surfing, snowboarding, and hiking. In her leisurely moments, she relishes leisurely bike rides through the charming city of Amsterdam, savoring every moment and soaking in the surroundings.

With her diverse skills and a passion for making a positive difference, Fleur Vet continues to empower individuals and organizations alike, leaving a lasting mark on their growth journey. Always with a healthy dose of humor.

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