Lucy Mote

Lucy is a change-maker who has a passion for supporting others to find their inner leader.
She thrives off opportunities to spark interest in learning and believes that lasting habits are
built from a healthy balance of intention and curiosity.
From a grounding in qualitative research, Lucy has a wide range of organisational
understanding across a variety of sectors including Education, Retail, Public and
Environment. She has expertise in Brand Strategy, People and Culture, Team Building and
Project Management, with a strong interest in innovation. Lucy has led national and
international projects for clients across Europe and North America and is at ease
communicating with various group sizes and levels of seniority.
Through her yoga and mindfulness practice, Lucy has become an advocate for inclusion and
respect for all. This has involved training in Mental Health First Aid, talking therapies and
resilience building. Her approach to leadership development encourages learning with both
brain and body. She is always looking for ways to deepen her understanding of how to be a
better ally.
Lucy enjoys being outdoors with a keen interest in running, swimming and snowboarding.
She is a beekeeper with an insatiable curiosity for travel and is happiest when exploring
culture through food. She has a cat and speaks both French and Italian fluently.

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