Nick Gannicliffe

“Seek first to understand – and then to be understood” is likely to be a watchword when working with Nick. Alongside this will be a drive to increase your ability to notice – both within yourself and with what’s happening around you. These are some of the supporting mechanisms that Nick will harness to bring an uplift in the vertical development that VA Consultants strives for with its clients. Tending perhaps to the pragmatic and down-to-earth more than the conceptual, Nick works alongside our clients as a ‘thinking partner’, building bridges between various stakeholders, and flexing to individuals and organisational cultures. All of this is brought with energy, warmth and not a little humour!

Working and managing for over twenty years in an international environment has brought a global view to Nick’s practice: designing, managing and delivering global leadership programmes at a variety of levels in financial services, engineering & manufacturing, the not-for-profit and the digital arena.

If he’s not at work then he heads for the outdoors – running, cycling and climbing, or surrounds himself with music – whilst failing to shake off a childish fascination with Liverpool FC.

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