Paul Irvine

Paul is a skilled consultant, facilitator and coach who has many years of experience in the arena of leadership and management. He has sound awareness and understanding of the specific leadership challenges that can be faced in organisations, and a passion to encourage people to be the best they can, supporting and enabling them as they develop, and realise their potential as leaders.

Through both his research and long experience of leadership in a range of contexts, Paul has a very sound understanding of the challenges that can face organisations, teams and individuals at differing levels. He can analyse complex environments, identify key agents for change, create and manage programmes, and undertake appropriate development.

He is honest, caring and passionate about bringing the best out of individuals and teams. He quickly engages trust and rapport with those he works with, and can draw on the best of international research, combined with lengthy personal experience to inform, mentor and coach as most appropriate.

Paul has a PhD in the area of Leadership Development and Management, his particular focus being middle leadership in organisations. He also has a Masters (MA) in Coaching and Mentoring, and an Advanced Mentor qualification (CUREE).

Amongst his interests, Paul is the Commanding Officer (Colonel) of Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force where he leads a team of 250 volunteer adults to deliver the Army’s training programme to some 1200 young people.

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