Roger Porthouse

Roger is a skilled facilitator, coach, and business change specialist, having designed and delivered Team, Leadership and Change interventions across Europe, the UK and the USA.

Prior to a career in consulting, Roger was a director of a blue-chip global pharmaceutical company where he successfully delivered behavioural and transformational change whilst being a full-time line manager, director and group-leader. This has given him considerable insight and experience into the challenges and difficulties of taking change and development theory from the ‘classroom’ and putting it into sustainable practice.

Roger’s clients enjoy his energy and enthusiasm as well as his warm, inclusive nature. He delights in learning and discovery whilst his business background ensures that it is grounded in the realities and challenges of the day job.

With four grown up children, Roger and his wife, Paula, are enjoying a new lease of freedom, walking the hills or cycling the country lanes of Cumbria.

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