Sat Randhawa

Sat is financial services professional with over 15 years’ experience working in Investment banking, technology and sports.  He is committed to improving organisational practice and operations by adopting a holistic approach to assessing and transforming their ways of working.  His people focussed philosophy is centred on investing in people and their unique skill sets at all levels to drive a creative and proactive culture that can adapt and evolve in challenging times.

Sat has over 15 years’ experience as a consultant, transformation lead and coach during which he has successfully delivered strategic change, continuous improvement, business start-up strategy creation and technology transformation across a variety of industries and regions.

He is a warm and personable character who understands the need for honestly and strong relationships when driving change within an organisation or with individuals.  He is a former professional footballer who has devoted his time to continue learning and broadening the skills he learnt on the football pitch to help in other industries and has recently received a Harvard accreditation in Exercising Leadership Principles.

As part of his role as a Performance Coach, he is working on a upcoming BBC series based around mentoring and helping underprivileged individuals.  He has also recently been interviewed by Bleacher Report to give his thoughts on Leadership, Performance and Health Optimisation. Sat is also a Diversity & Inclusion ambassador who draws on his personal experience and interpersonal skills to create a comfortable and trusting environment that yields honest and courageous conversations.

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