Tim Morris

Tim is a highly experienced facilitator and coach, working with organisations to develop leaders and managers in line with business objectives.

Tim has 30 years of experience working with organisations as consultant, facilitator, designer and client manager across the private and public sectors. Formally an Earth Scientist, he has worked extensively with engineering and technical clients as they seek emotionally intelligent development in a technical environment. With his background he brings a blend of diligence, pragmatism and empathy in service of client’s needs. He has extensive experience in working with Senior Leaders and managers in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia.

He has broad experience as a development coach working with senior clients from a variety of industries. He brings an agile mix of directness, humour and humility to all engagements enabling him to supply both challenge and support as the situation requires.

He is skilled in helping leaders at all levels discover the best version of themselves and to bring that to their workplaces. He brings credibility and a deep knowledge to developing managers and leaders as coaches at all levels – helping them lead and implement change in our increasingly complex marketplaces.

He is experienced working across cultures, helping organisations align people and business strategies for sustainable outcomes that promote engagement and productivity.


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