Tony Ball

Tony is a highly skilled Learning and Development facilitator, consultant and coach. Working across a wide range of industry sectors, he gained his expertise working for both public and private sector clients over the past 30 years.  Tony focuses on improving the efficacy of the individual or group, bringing benefits to the wider organisation. His knowledge and design approach has evolved in step with L&D practice and has deep roots. Tony draws on his depth of experience to create the right conditions for growth and promote greater agency.

Tony’s most recent long-term work has been with a globally integrated real estate company wanting to build leadership capability and culture champions within their senior operations roles and emerging talent. The work is motivated by fast-growth, and the recognition that leadership and culture need to be a more widely understood and owned.  Tony uses facilitation and coaching to explore and develop a shared understanding of leadership activities and organisational culture.

Tony worked for over a decade as a Senior Operations Manager in a national youth charity. Tony’s experience in the board room gives him personal involvement of heading up strategic projects, ensuring governance and leading staff through strategic change. Tony knows when to ask the difficult questions; he has an insightful, empathic approach.   Working as a senior manager refined his facilitation style; listening with greater attention and deeper understanding, Tony fine-tunes his facilitation to the needs of his clients.  His qualifications include Post-Graduate Diploma in Management, IOSH Managing Safely, He has further experience using proprietary theories such as Belbin, MBTI, Six Hats and outdoor qualifications such as Mountain Leader and BCU Senior Instructor.

You’ll find Tony on the water when he’s not working, surfing or paddling, usually ending the day wild camping with his wife and two dogs on a remote beach or fell.

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