Women in Leadership

The ‘War on Talent’ is far from over. Reduced birth rates, longer working lives and continued economic growth in Asia means that Europe’s largest economies will face an increasing gap between the number of leaders that they need and the number of leaders that are available. Organisations urgently need to find more ways to attract and retain under-represented groups, including women, into their leadership talent pipelines.

Research has repeatedly shown clear correlations between gender diversity in leadership and the bottom line. Organisations with greater than average gender diversity have higher return on equity, higher operating profit and higher stock price. It’s not simply the presence of women that create the positive results, it’s the balanced presence of men and women. The diversity brings different perspectives which results in wiser decisions.

Many organisations have corporate values that speak of diversity, inclusion, equality and valuing people, the challenge is to walk the talk and to live out these corporate values in reality.

Many companies understand the business case for more diverse leadership, their challenge is to convert this into tangible action. VA can help you to powerfully develop women leaders in a way that makes a difference to your organisation’s culture and business performance. Drawing from evidence based research, case studies and our own consulting experience, we work with individual women leaders, as well as organisations that want to drive change.

This is what we can offer:

Diagnostics: We can benchmark your current situation and offer recommendations and consulting to bridge the gap into action.

Consultancy: We have experience in convening and facilitating action research and action learning processes, where participants on the programme identify their own areas for change and gain momentum, resources and support from the group to be change-makers. These can be run in-house, or as cross-sector collaborations for even more impact.

Workshops: We have a series of workshop modules which focus on what is unique and different about leading as a woman, around leadership purpose, identity, career and networking. These can be delivered as a series of 1 day workshops, as a 3 day event or integrated into existing women’s network or development events.

Coaching: Keeping women in the talent pipeline at times of transition is particularly important. We offer coaches with specific skills and experience in supporting and developing female talent. Coaching can be offered as a stand alone intervention or as part of a development process.

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Written by Fiona Smith

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