EDI & Belonging

People matter and VA believe that organisations must ensure their approach to inclusive leadership does not put any group or individual at a disadvantage. Valuing people equity and diversity of thoughts, ideas and ways of working by  creating organisational cultures where people with different experiences and identities feel they belong adds huge benefits to your organisation.  These include, creating safe environments and cultures where people feel they can grow, learn and fulfill their potential, have the opportunity for career progression, improving organisational decision-making, increasing engagement and innovation, and enabling businesses to better meet the needs of their customer. 

VA’s highly interactive hands on approach focuses on real-life scenarios and bringing relevant experiences to life. We offer a positive and solution-focused approach believing that appreciating the diversity of your people and talent is key to attaining high engagement, a greater sense of belonging and inclusion and improved business performance.

Our approach:

  • Creating safe spaces and environments to explore the different meaning and perspectives around the meaning of EDI.
  • Encourages people to believe that changing the way we behave as individuals will enhance the work environment and the organisational cultures, values, ethics and beliefs.
  • Providing support around the challenges currently faced within your business area around EDI.

This leads to:

  • A more flexible, supportive, inclusive and creative culture that benefits everyone.
  • Improvement to brand and company reputation that helps you to keep one step ahead of the competition and an inclusive employer in the marketplace.
  • Supporting and creating inclusive leaders and EDI champions, mentors and thriving people networks.

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“Diversity – the art of thinking independently together” Malcolm Forbes

Photo by Amer Mughawish on Unsplash