Women In Leadership

“No country can flourish if it deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens”

– Michelle Obama

Research has repeatedly shown clear correlation between gender diversity in leadership and business performance. Organisations with greater than average gender diversity have higher return on equity, higher operating profit and higher stock price. There are also correlations with organisational agility, quality and speed of decision making and problem solving. It’s not simply the presence of women that create these positive results, it’s the balanced presence of men and women. The diversity brings different perspectives which results in wiser and better outcomes.

Many organisations have corporate values that speak of diversity, inclusion, equality and valuing people. The challenge is to walk the talk and live these corporate values every day.

The challenge is to convert this clear business case into tangible action.

VA can help you to powerfully develop women leaders in a way that makes a difference to your organisation’s culture and business performance.

We create bespoke solutions for each client which take a systemic approach to the challenge of increasing female talent using a combination of diagnostics, consultancy, workshops and coaching.

Our Women in Leadership work is led by highly credible experienced consultants (both female and male) who have deep experience of supporting organisations to make real change happen.